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Procurement of Essential Medicines
Supply of Toners and Cartridges
Supply of Stationary
Supply of Copier Papers
Supply of Vehicle Tyres


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Details for Checkpoint Ghana Limited

Checkpoint Ghana Limited
Category: Supplier
Company Registration: C-63,922
Business Association: Ghana Employers Association

Postal Address: P. O. Box 865, Mamprobi, Accra
Location: Miamona Close, South Industrial Area
Region: Greater Accra
Telephone: 021-689880
Fax: 021-689876

Sector: Printing, Stationary & Packaging
Products: Printers
Contact Person: Mr. Joseph Boateng
Contact Email:


Public Procurement Authority, Ghana; No. E113/2 Ringway Estates, Osu (behind Country Kitchen restaurant), PMB 30 Ministries, Accra, GHANA: Tel: +233-(0)21-765641/2; Fax: +233-(0)21-765643; Email: or
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